Saturday, May 23, 2015

May 23, 2015

The following weather data chart sums up the challenges that we are having lately – a serious lack of meaningful precipitation. The other day, May 21, we received a slow, soaking .63” rain which was helpful but still was only a temporary reprieve, as it wasn’t enough to relieve the long term drying out that we have been, and are, experiencing.

Tabular data for barchart ... 
Starting Date
Ending Date
# of Days
Actual Pcpn
Normal Pcpn
Surplus / Deficit
% of Normal

Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Just a little break from talking turfgrass…

This year we have witnessed a lot of varied wild life throughout the course-
The foxes are back. There is a pair living off the 10th fairway in the brambles on the right. They have at least three kits that I have been able to see.  I see the adults hunting as far away as #15, carrying birds, rabbits, and squirrels back to the den. At times I like having the foxes around, but when they begin to dig in the fairways and sometimes on greens, I get angry with them. When they do this, we use repellants the best we can.

Over head we have seen red tail hawks – a pair has taken up residence in the trees between #12 and #11. Another pair is nesting along the left side of 15. Years ago we had a pair that was nesting  in the treed area right of the 14th hole. Our former Food and Beverage/ Banquet Manager Denise Sullivan    (God bless her always – I will always remember her) would tell me stories of their offspring coming over to her porch and scaring off the song birds she loved so much!!!

Also overhead we have sighted bald eagles, sharp shin hawks, cormorants, kestrels, and ospreys. I could list more! And in the ponds we have seen wood ducks, herons, mallards, black ducks, cranes, and kingfishers.

I could go on…

Its important to have wildlife on a golf course because it shows that we not only are taking care of the course, but of the land. A golf course that has no wildlife is a symptom of poor stewardship – not only of wildlife, but of it members. It all goes hand in hand.

By the way, soon the snapping turtles will be coming out of the 12th pond to lay eggs…Careful! They bite!